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Whether surfing the net, play or download applications to personalize the mobile phone is a must. But which to choose? What model do you need? Find out what there is to know on smartphones and conventional mobile phones.

Mobile telephony and its evolutions

Today real everyday object, the mobile phone has emerged in the 80s with the emergence of the first cordless phones. While it used to call early and was of large size, it has now become fully connected to the internet and to carry in your pocket. The network also evolved since it went from a conventional cellular network to a 4G network to more rapidly exchange data.

The different kinds of mobile phones

Whether you have chosen all connected or a mobile phone with a classic use, there are the phone market a wide disparity in the proposed mobile deals.

  • The latest smartphones such as iPhones or Samsung Galaxy will allow you to surf the internet, watch videos or send messages easily. These hyper-connected phones are also used to take pictures but also for the GPS guidance.
  • In a contrary dynamic and at a lower price, there are also quite simple phones that allow you to simply call and send messages.

EchangerMalin offer an array of distribution of Operations Systems (OS) on the market and the market share of each in the first quarter 2015:

THE World Market Share Notable brands that use
Android 78% Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG
IOS (apple) 18.3% Iphone
Windows 0.3% Nokia
Blackberry 2.7% Blackberry

The possible uses of your phone

The offers of mobile operators tend to adapt more and more to consumer needs in terms of telephony. For most customers it is essential today to make calls anywhere and whenever their looks.
To do this, the 4G packages have been created for users to have an increased rate in order to watch movies online or browse the internet. This particular use of your mobile phone is usually dedicated exclusively to smartphones that have a much larger memory than a conventional phone . You can also install a variety of applications on your smartphone, which is not the case with a conventional telephone.

To give you an idea of ​​what the market offers in terms of evolution, we compared the characteristics of phones available on the market:

Model Samsung galaxy S6 Apple iPhone 6 HTC One M9 Classic Phone (Zuco Silver)
System Android iOS Android not concerned
Screen 5.1 inches
(1440 * 2560 pixels)
4.7 inches
(750 * 1334 pixels)
5 inch
(1920 * 1080 pixels)
2.4 inches
(240 * 320 pixels)
Processor Quad-core 1.5Ghz
+ Quad-core 2.1Ghz
Dual-core 1.4Ghz Quad-core 2Ghz
+ Quad-core 1.5Ghz
not concerned
Memory 32/64 / 128Go 16/64 / 128Go + 32GB micro SD 16Go
Camera 16mégapixels +
5 megapixels
8mégapixels + 1.2mégapixels 20mégapixels + 4mégapixels 2mégapixels
connectivity 4G, Wifi, bluetooth 4G, Wifi, bluetooth 4G, Wifi, bluetooth 3G, bluetooth
Extra fingerprint scanner, HEART scanner fingerprints non non

Thus, if the first three phones will allow you to install applications, games, take pictures good to surf high speed internet, the fourth phone will be the choice to make if you want any of these services and wish send and receive SMS and make calls.

This does not of course mean that this phone is lower than the other, it simply means that its use will be adapted to a different user profile.

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